Jamal LIE-ON: Cops Believe Jussie Rehearsed The Attack W/ Nigerian Brothers He Paid! Is Lee Daniel Involved?

Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett rehearsed the attack with the two Nigerian gym rat brothers Abel and Ola Osundairo before staging the attack according to the brothers Chicago Police sources say.

According to TMZ the brothers alleged that the Jamal LYON actor wanted it to be physical, but not to actually hurt him. Jussie actually chose the spot of the alleged staged incident( in front of Jussie’s apartment building) according to Abel & Ola Osundairo because Jussie thought the camera would capture the incident.

Of course he didn’t want to mess up his body because he was going to be FAMOUS FAMOUS after this!

Little did Jussie’s clout chasing a$$ know that the camera was NOT facing their direction. Instead it was facing in the opposite direction, and didn’t;t capture a damn thing!

The only surveillance the police could find was a distant recording of the two brothers walking bundled up because of course it was 2am in Chicago, and NEGATIVE 26 degrees! That’s where ya fuxked up at Jussie! Dumb!

The brothers said thy got super nervous because a car drove by, and Abel & Ola were scary that the car would identify them! The brothers went along with the script, and yelled out “MAGA COUNTRY”, and “EMPIRE F#GG@T”!

They said they made physical contact, but they aren’t sure how Jussie had gotten his black eye. The punch according to them was weak!

Courtesy of TMZ.COm

The brother are no way shape or form homophobic, and they were friends with Jussie Smollett. Abel can be seen in a pic on set with Lee Daniels. Abel and Jussie were reportedly close close.

You can see a video of Abel flexing in his man thongs to Jussie’s song here! Jussie also followed the brother’s joint account, and said that they were hired to train him for his upcoming music video.

The Chicago Police went found the suspects by going through ride share accounts, and seeing if anyone had taken a ride to that area around the time of the attack! Like idiots they did, and the po-po came knocking at they door door!

If found guilty Jussie faces up to three years for a felony for making a false police report! Jussie set back his people 100 years, and even had Donald Trump weighing in saying it was “unfortunate”. Trump is going to have a field day with this one!

In my opinion I think Lee Daniels has something to do with this because from day one I’ve been saying that this sounds like a bad Empire episode! Word on the street is that Jussie character , Jamal Lyon was being killed of this upcoming season.

Jussie is Lee’s star child prodigy, and he seems to have an agenda behind his episodes. Everryyyyy episode is something trying to tackle what’s going on in today’s culture. It’s overwhelming at times, and UNDERWHELMING allllll the time.

The show’s ratings haven’t been the same since the first season. Empire was on fire when it first came out, but season two is when the show dropped the ball. Power took over everyone’s air waves, and Empire fell flat. It felt like once you missed one episode of Empire you just never watched it again!

I think that conservative FOX, and big time MAGA supporters will pull the show due to the allegations! All of these things said are of course allegations, and Jussie is innocent till proven guilty.

Rapped Out!

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