Lil Mo Says Why She Stays W/ Her Husband After He Cheats…..& Cheats Again! Says He Needs Her!

Lil Mo and Karl Dynamite Dargan

People get cheated on everyday B! Lil Mo says she is her husband/ boxer Karl “Dynamite” Dargan’s superwoman, and side chicks aren’t her Kryptonite ! As we previusly reported Karl was caught on VH1’s Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition face timing a woman while Lil Mo was downstairs.

 photo Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 1.44.35 PM_zps1psoagzq.png
Lil Mo and Karl “Dynamite” Dargan

Karl was confronted by the show’s relationship therapist, and Karl said the women he told to “tell me you love me” was his sister! Granted the show was taped months ago, so she probably already knew before they aired it, but Lil Mo took to twitter last week when it aired, and said she was rapped out ..literally!

Lil Mo on Marrigae BootCamp Hip Hop Edition

Lil Mo basically thinks Karl needs her to survive ,and she has to stay with him in order for him to function in life! Mo Im for certain this Philly ninja will be just fine without you! IJS! She says he does dumb stuff, but baby thats your man!

Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition airs tonight on WeTv!

Rapped Out

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