New Incriminating Evidence In Jussie Smollett Case Revealed! Lawyer Asks For A Quick Bail Hearing, So He Return Back On Set In 45 Mins!

Jussie Smollett

A lot went down in court for Jussie Smollett you can catch up here !

Jussie’s text messages between Osundairo brothers out loud, and when read he just shook his head! Apparently Jussie has had a friendship with Abel Osundario since 2017 .

Abel worked on the “Empire,” but he also was the plug on designer drugs like molly/ecstasy for Jussie, and allegedly sold to him multiple times. Abel was also Jussie’s personal trainer, and one night after a workout Jussie told Abel his attack plan!

Jussie allegedly told Abel Osundario said he wanted to do stage the attack because he was mad about his “Empire” salary . Jussie also sent a fake threatening letter to Fox about Jussie (which he supposedly sent himself) didn’t “get more attention.”

The trio planned for the attack to take go down January 28th, but Jussie’s flight was several hours late arriving back to Chicago. Which is why they did it at 2am .

Jussie went as far as to pick them up & then drive the brothers to where the alleged attack was to take place . It went down near Jussie’s home in a different part of Chi Town than the brothers reside.

Chicago police went thru uber / lyft pick ups and drop off records. That confirmed to the police e that the brothers were near the “crime” scene at that time . The Nigerian brothers then took a car share home.

The brothers Abel and Ola are sticking with their story that that Jussie wrote them a check for $3500. Jussie also gave them $100 as well to buy masks , red hats that resemble MAGA to be used during the “attack.” 

The brothers were seen on surveillance video buying said items and it was proven with their bank statements. 

Jussie Smollett’s lawyers requested for him to be released with no money down and quickly, because Jussie needs to get back on the Empire set in the next 45 mins.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has taken herself off the case herself because of her ‘familiarity’ with some of the people involved.

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