Offset’s Baby Mom Shya L’amour Isn’t Feeling Offset’s Breakfast Club Interview!

Shya L’amour

Offset Father of 4 album details his journey as a man, husband, and father, but the mother his oldest daughter Shya L’amour isn’t feeling his recent Breakfast Club interview where he discusses their relationship (or lack of ) prior to her getting pregnant.

Shya and Kalea

On Father Of 4 Offset spits bars about Shya L’amour :

Kalea, you my first, first daughter
I missed the first years of your life, I’m sorry
Tell the truth, I ain’t really know if I was your father
Tell the truth, I really don’t even know your mama

Shya says Kiari Kendrell Cephus aka Offset is a liar because she made him well are that Kalea was his daughter, but Offset blocked her from all ways of contact after she informed him! The only way she was able to contact him is when he was booked. She then saw his mother’s name and looked her up on Facebook!

Women are the best detectives!

Shya L’amour actually gave Offset’s current wife Cardi B her props while on her latest Instagram post saying :

Cardi B and Offset at his Father Of 4 Album Release
Offset and Cardi B at Father Of 4 Album Release Party

I’m not in “DeNiAL” about how she was created! Y’all saying one night stand but if I didn’t get pregnant the first time and blocked after telling him that I was pregnant , you think it woulda really been just a one night stand?? Lol…. YES im still healing from this! I endured a lot up until he was finally ready to acknowledge her… I stayed quiet for so long because I didn’t want him to resent her! The biggest blessing is that he is in her life now… I know and appreciate this. But if you’re gonna mention me and OUR story then tell the WHOLE truth! All love to him and his wife.. and for the record she really has brung out the king in him! & I appreciate her for that! 

Shya has a new song out if you want to listen below:

Rapped Out

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