“Martin” Star Garett Morris Exposes Martin Lawerence Fired Him While In The Hospital & Lied About Visiting While Hospitalized !

 photo garrett2.jpg
Garrett Morris

You may remember Garrett Morris for Two Broke Girls , Martin, and The Jamie Foxx Show, but Garrett Morris is a living legend! He was the FIRST Black actor Morris played Stan Winters on The Martin show from 1992-1995, and seemingly disappeared off of the show. Welp Garrett was ready to let us know how it all went down with Martin Lawrence!

Back in 1994, Garrett then 57-year-old actor was shot during an attempted robbery in Los Angeles. According to Morris when the man tried to rob him, he fought back (he’s a first degree black belt). The robber shot him in his intestines and his chest. Afterward Garrett he had to have several surgeries.

While recovering Garrett was served his walking papers by the Martin show, and was given no explanation as to why . He received a script saying Stan was selling the radio station and moving to China. Poof, gone. Garrett made one final appearance during the show’s third season and that was it for that role.

“But the man who produced ‘Martin’ basically was Martin Lawrence. And after I had no bad words with him, still to this day, I do not understand why he decided to fire me while I was in Daniel Freeman Hospital.”

Garrett said Martin Lawerence lied about coming to visit him while he was in the hospital recovering. That aint cool. See what he said below:

“Not only fired me while I was in the hospital itself, but then went around telling people in interviews that he came and sat by my bed and cried and stuff like that. The same person.”

Rapped Out

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