Quilly & Ms. Jade Beef On Instagram Live! Says Quilly Called Her A B#tch Over DJ Cosmic Kev Cypher + Quilly Wants To Patch Things Up W/ Joey Jihad!

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Quilly on Instagram Live

According to Quilly he is only allowed to go on live when his manager is next to him because he be drawling. So Quilly got the okay to hit up the Instagram Live, and talked to DJ Cosmic Kev about who could as he like to say “carry it” up against him in a battle. Quilly named Cassidy, Leaf Ward, Vodka, Pook Papers,Nina Ross and even said Haddy aka Joey Jihad!

Joey Joahd & Quilly Baby Mom

Joey Jihad have 7 years old beef stemming from when Joey Jihad had sex with Quilly’s baby’s mother Rachel , and recorded their pillow talk. Since then Rachel, Quilly’s bm has gone on to repeat history, and performed oral sex with a Quilly’s friend/rapper named Shoot Corleone . Joey Jihad would for sure hold up against Quilly in a cypher, and the names would garner a lot of attention due to the rappers strained relationship.

Quilly has been entertaining us on his live (for a couple months now), and his antics has been drawing negative and positive attention. Ms.Jade got her front row seat after DJ Cosmic Kev threw her name into the cypher line up with Quill.

Some where along the lines Quilly gave Ms.Jade a back handed compliment, and in the mist called her out of her name according to Ms.Jade. Quilly insists that she took it the wrong way, and gave her due respect for being the G.O.A.T. of female rap. Ms.Jade didn’t want to hear it, and after saying that Quilly can get punched on (again) she wanted to meet up with him in person to talk about the misunderstanding.

Watch The Live Below Rapped Out

Ms.Jade and Quilly on IG Live

Rapped Out

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