Meek Mill Has His Own Weekend In Philly! This Weekend Bout Be On Some Sh#t In The 215!

Meek Mill

As the Motivation Tour dates approaches in Philadelphia Meek Mill has been given his own WEEKEND in the city! This weekend to be exact! March 14th to March 17th has been deemed Meek Mill weekend, and the whole hood is going to be late on rent because they are paying top dollar for their Milano Di Rouge, Diafora, L’Revere, Banni Perru, and Mont Brown lays!

Meek Mill might as well run for mayor because his hometown city loves him, and loves to hate on him as well! We can’t front over here at Rapped Out, so with that said these Philly tickets cost a lot more than the other cities ! Buttt where there is supply and demand the prices go up!

City Council President Darrell L. Clarke announced the news at City Hall in Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania State  Senator Sharif Street followed with telling us it’s on a statewide level!

Houston, Texas also gave Meek his own day due to the same reasons as Philadelphia; his contributions to music and art, as well as his philanthropic efforts to change the criminal justice system. The Dream Chasers front man is apart of Jay’s and Roc Nation’s Reform Alliance, which is on a mission to improve the quality and conditions of incarceration !

Meek Mill has had his own legal woes, and is still on probation for a non violent drug related offense he caught as a teen! Congrats Meek Milly from Philly!

Rapped Out

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