Wendy Williams Lives In A Sober House Allegedly Stemming From A Confrontation W/Cheating Husband!

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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams opened up while on her self titled show “The Wendy Williams” Show, and revealed while sobbing that she is currently living in a 24 hour sober house! Allegedly it all stems from an altercation she had with her husband Kevin Hunter involving his mistress Sharina Hudson of many years. Kevin’s side chick reportedly lives down the street from Wendy Williams in a house that is in Kevin Hunter’s name.

During the alleged altercation Kevin Wendy fractured her shoulder, and became addicted to the pain medicine that her doctor prescribed. Usually doctors don’t give addicts pains meds that contain opioids , and the patients just use Tylenol etc. Wendy has had a long battle of addiction with cocaine, and she discussed it various times on her platforms.

Wendy’s mother in law said she witnessed her son beat on Wendy, but the talk show host keeps denying the rumors. The reason why she revealed her addiction, and sober house living is because she wanted to beat Daily Mail according to them to the punch!

The British tabloid says Wendy Williams is being treated for addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs at while at the private house ran by the Pure Recovery Network in Long Island City, New York!

DailyMail also reports that the tabloid had been investigating Wendy Williams over the last two weeks since her return back to her daytime talk show. Daily Mail watched her as she was picked up every morning at 7 am by her driver to be dropped off to work in Manhattan.They also would see Kevin Hunter picking her up her from the show during the afternoon driving her back to the sober living home.

Kevin and Wendy are still together but things have been extremely difficult between them,’ a source told DailyMailTV.

‘Wendy hired a private eye last year to watch her husband because she was suspicious Kevin was still seeing Sharina.

‘Her suspicions were well founded and Wendy was furious.’ The source continued: ‘She confronted Kevin and during the row she fell to the ground and broke her shoulder.

‘Kevin called the show and said she walked into a wall and he had to take her to ER.

‘But after the shoulder injury Wendy started drinking and popping pills again.’

According to DailyMailTV, during her hiatus from the show, Williams initially flew to Florida where she checked into a high end detox and rehab facility in Delray Beach, Florida, right on the beach, according to their source.

‘But she was still drinking in the rehab. She was getting people to sneak her things in.
‘She was photographed with a woman outside a CVS in Florida, it was the mother of another patient in rehab who she’d met. 
‘Wendy had her to take her to CVS drug store, where wine and beer are also sold.’

DailyMailTV reports that Hunter visited his wife Wendy Williams at the Florida facility, and brought his mistress Sharina Hudson with him!

‘Kevin flew to Florida to visit his wife and took Sharina with him,’ the source said. ‘She stayed at the hotel while he went to see Wendy during the day.
‘Around February 19, Wendy came back to New York. She went into a sober living facility in Long Island City and now she’s sleeping at a recovery residence there and has a sober coach with her at all times, they even go to the bathroom with her.

Wendy described her sober living home as a place where “doors locked by 10 p.m. lights out by 10 p.m., so I go to my room and stare at the ceiling and fall asleep to come here and see you,” she continued. “So that is my truth.”

Wendy had been on leave from her show until last week! She blamed her hiatus to a fractured shoulder, and Grave’s disease, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid.

Hope this all works out! Rapped Out

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