Pictures Of Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter W/ His Mistress On Vacation While Wendy’s In Rehab! Houses,etc Brought For Mistress On Wendy’s Dime!

It's understood the affair is the root of 54-year-old Williams' addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs after she finally admitted on Tuesday she's living in a sober house to tackle her demons after being contacted by DailyMailTV for comment
Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is currently living in a 24 hour sober house in New York that she goes to after work. She has to be in bed by 10 pm, and has a schedule that consists of pilates and AA meetings across town! 54 year old Wendy has been struggling with opioid dependency and alcohol addiction for years. She was sober until she had an alleged accident that seemed from her husband Kevin injuring her shoulder during an argument over his cheating with 33 years old Sharina!

For years reports about Wendy Williams husband having a decade long affair with 33 year old Sharina Hudson. Sharina reportedly at one point lived a house brought by Kevin Hunter down the street from Wendy. Hunter has his mistress allegedly in a suburban $765,000 four-bed, 3,900 square ft single family home in Morristown, New Jersey. The mail box even had Kevin and Sharina’s names on it!

Before Hunter moved his mistress into a Manhattan apartment, Hudson was living in this suburban $765,000 four-bed, 3,900 sq ft single family home in Morristown, New Jersey - where both of their names were listed on the mailbox
Sharina’s old home

Sharina has allegedly been putting the pressure on Kevin Hunter to leave Wendy, but Wendy is the person that supports their luxury lifestyles. Kevin Hunter’s mistress is a professional massage therapist whom he helped through massage therapy school, and even invested in a mall kiosk for Sharina’s business. All of her business including a jewelry and clothing line online called VISH. But none of her businesses have been successful.

Instead of returning to her show in the new year, Williams flew to Delray Beach, Florida where she checked into a luxury detox and rehab facility. Shockingly, the source reveals that when Williams' husband visited his wife in rehab he took his mistress along for a min-break. Pictured: Hudson and Hunter together in 2017
Sharina Hudson , Kevin Hunter

During Kevin Hunter’s trip to Florida to visit Wendy Williams while she was in rehab he brought along Sharina for a mini vacation. She stayed in the hotel while he spent the day with Wendy! Kevin’s own mother even outed her son for allegedly abusing her daughter in law, and says she has witnessed the abuse first hand!

Hunter's mistress has given her married boyfriend several ultimatums, insisting he leave Williams so they can settle down and start a family together, according to a source close to the couple

This past Tuesday Wendy admitted she has been living in a 24 hour sober house, and that she and Kevin have started a foundation for those living with addiction! Wendy clarified that she was struggling with complications surrounding her Graves’ disease, which effects the thyroid, and a fractured shoulder.

Hunter told his much younger mistress that he couldn't leave Wendy because his multi-millionaire wife financed his luxury lifestyle. Recently Hunter has been seen driving around this brand new green Rolls Royce SUV, which costs upwards of $325,000
Kevin Hunter driving Wendy Williams to 24 hour sober house

This comes a week after returning to her hit daytime talk show after her hiatus away. She had told us that she and her husbands marriage was solid , and she wasn’t going anywhere. Wendy never denied him cheating tho!

Allegedly Kevin has been cheating on Wendy so long with Sharina that every time he and Wendy go on vacation he bring Sharina along , and she stays in a separate hotel! Wendy has to know about Sharina, but allegedly puts up with her as long as there’s an understanding that they won’t have a baby, and she’s priority number one.

Kevin Hunter job is managing Wendy and her finances apparently. Charlamagne from the Breakfast Club in New York is Wendy’s former co worker, and said on record that “Kevin is a bad man, and he hopes that Wendy wakes up before she can’t anymore!”.

Hunter has since moved Sharina Hudson into a luxury apartment in New York City, and they don’t seem to be leaving each other anytime soon.

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