Floyd Mayweather Says His Ex Girlfriend Shantel Jackson( Nelly’s Girl) Illegally Recorded Him During Their Relationship! Currently Suing Her!

Floyd Mayweather , Shantel Jackson

Floyd Mayweather needs to move on with his life because seemingly he is still stuck on Shantel Jackson (aka Ms. Jackson, as he used to call her) because he is currently in the process of suing her over allegedly using his credit cards without his permission and stealing his money. The lawsuit stems from Shantel taking him to court over accusing Mayweather of assault, battery, defamation and invasion of privacy (for allegedly releasing information about an abortion she had on his social media).

Shantel is currently in a longterm relationship with Nelly .Floyd has moved on with multiple women since then, but the World Champion boxer wants his bread back. Even though he is rich rich ( I guess that’s how he stays rich by collecting his debts) wants every penny spent back from Jackson.

Floyd alleges that multiple times, that he is currently unsure of, Shantel Jackson “tape-recorded their face-to-face communications under objectively confidential circumstances.” Mayweather is seeking unspecified damages, and also wants $5,000 each time Shantel allegedly recorded him, along with punitive damages.

Jackson’s legal team responded by saying she recorded Mayweather in response to him allegedly trying to extort her, and believes her recordings were legal. Floyd just currently filled this counter suit that started in 2014.

The judge has yet to rule if he will allow Floyd Mayweather to amend his lawsuit. If you were Floyd would you keep on with he suit?

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