Quilly Previews New Music While Smoking On A Java!

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Quilly has mastered the art of dropping two second clips of unreleased music, so we can keep asking “when is it going to drop”. We are still waiting for the Panicking jawn, but I have a feeling that he won’t release because a lot of other rappers have used that same beat .

The Quilly Ruffin rapper can be seen smoking on some gas( possibly rolled in a java lol), and rapping along to some new fire. This bull can make a song no doubt! Quilly dropped his video for “Quilly Ruffin”, and ruffled K.Dot‘s feathers. K.Dot dropped a mixtape (that Quilly was featured on) titled K.Ruffin.

The Show Stopper rapper K.Dot rapper took to Instagram to remind people that he did it first! Quilly of course hasn’t addressed, and probably won’t because he does NOT believe in any form of free promo!

Quilly also hit NOTO night club in Philly this weekend , and was spotted with his favorite rapper Jada Kiss.

K.Dot hasn’t really done anything in response to Quilly’s allegedly biting his concept other than post his original content to show the time stamp. In our onion that was pointless if you weren’t going to make a diss record at the self proclaimed Quilly West.

Also take a look at Quilly on live acting like only he knows …..crazy as hell!

Rapped Out

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