Wendy Williams Announces She’s Taking Another Break Following Husband’s Alleged Side Baby News!

Wendy Williams announced on The Wendy Williams Show that she will be taking another hiatus up untill April 8th. The news comes after Wendy’s husband and manager Kevin Hunter’s girlfriend Sharina Hudson had their baby girl in a Philadelphia hospitial.


Sharina Hudson has allegedly been leaking information to various tabloids over the span of her 10 year love affair with Wendy’s husband Kevin Hunter.

Wendy Williams

Staffers of the Wendy William’s Show allegedly found Wendy Williams passed out drunk in her dressing room Monday. Wendy was allegedly rushed to a hospital in New York near by!

Yesterday when askes by paparazzi of she planned on visiting the new baby Wendy Williams flashed her huge wedding ring in response.

Weird flex…but ok.

According to various sources Kevin Hunter came clean,and told his wife Wendy the truth about the baby. Wendy of course allegedly knew about Sharina because he brought her a house down the street from the one he shared with Wendy Williams. Sharina even had their names “Kevin and Sharina” on the mail box!


Wendy is allegedly thinking of leaving her man of 22 years, but is still holding on to the little time a day he spends with her.

Following the drunken episode, we’re told show staffers couldn’t believe that she showed up to film the next day like nothing happened.

Rapped Out

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