Jussie “Jamal Lie-On” Smollett Tells Chicago To “Leaveeee Mee Aloneeee” After City Gets Ready To Sue Him For $130k.

Jussie Smollett may have had his charges dropped by the Chicago Police Department , but they still want their money. Chicago is reportedly suing the Empire actor for $130k in investigative costs.

The case is a civil suit, and requires less evidence than criminal cases. Jussie just may be on the hook for those investigation costs Chi Town encountered.

Hol Up Tho! Jussie’s lawyers say enough is enough, and he will not be intimidated. They also hint at a counter suit of defamation.

If you recall they City of Chicago (and everybody else) thought the actor was lying about his alleged MAGA hate crime attack. Two Nigerian body builder brothers even admitted to helping stage the “crime”.

Mark Geragos , Jussie’s defense attorney says the attack was real, and the Osundario brothers did it.

Yall still sticking to this story . oh ok.

As previously reported Chicago dropped all 16 felony charges against Jussie citing that the penalty would just be community service. The D.A. said Jussie already did community service, so to continue on with the case would be counter productive.

For real for real the Chicago prosecutor and Chicago PD mishandled the case evidence, and revealed too much to media.

Taraji P. Henson, Jussie ‘s” Jamal Ly-On” on screen mom says the actor will be returning back to the Empire show. Despite rumors the cast and show was done with him.

Does anybody still watch Empire ?

Rapped Out

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