Nipsey Hussle Alleged Killer Represented By OJ Simpson’s Double Murder Lawyer Chris Darden. First Court Room Appearance & Pleads Not Guilty.

Eric Holder has pleaded “Not Guilty” to the murder of Nipsey Hussle, and 2 counts of attempted murder. Chris Darden,the former lawyer of OJ Simpson will be representing Holden in court. Holder’s aka “Shitty” bail has been set to 5 million dollars.

This is Eric’s first court room appearance. He has been charged with 1 count of murder, and 2 counts of attempted murder.

Last Sunday Nipsey Hussle was murdered outside of his clothing store The Marathon Clothing Store on Crenshaw Blvd. Hussle was there to help his friend Kerry Lathan ( who was also shot) with new clothes. Lathan had just came home from 20 year bid, and was driven there by Shermi Villanueva, who was shot as well.

Holder who is in protective custody while in jail due to the threats on his life reportedly wanted to be in general population. Sounds like Holder still wants to prove he is hard, knowing that the guards and the inmates are both gunning for him.

It’s been reported Nipsey went to the store in the spur of the moment to help his friend Kerry. Hussle went without his security, and no one other than his two friends knew he was coming.

Nipsey told Holder he was a snitch, and to stay away from his establishment. Shitty aka Eric Holder reportedly told Nip he was coming back,and made good on his promise.

Eric shot Nipsey Hussle in the head and torso. Before leaving Shitty kicked Nipsey Hussle lifeless body. Eric Holder was captured by LAPD outside of a mental health facility. He was there claiming insanity.

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