Wendy Williams Filled For Divorce From Cheating Husband Kevin Hunter!

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Sharina Hudson ,Wendy Williams ,Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams has finally opened her eyes, and filled for divorce from her husband. Kevin Hunter‘s alleged mistress Sharina Hudson. Wendy took to hot topics to talk about her 21 year long marriage, and denied any issues. According to her we weren’t going to she her going anywhere in a lifetime . Welp must be a new lifetime.

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Sharina Hudson On Saturday Post Baby Date

Sharina and Kevin were spotted on Saturday going out on a date in a Rolls Royce on Wendy Williams dime. Kevin Hunter is one of the executive producer on The Wendy Williams show, and many anticipate him trying to get half of her money. Wendy is from and lives in New Jersey where she filled ,so she may be in the safe zone because the have fault and no fault divorces. Meaning if your spouse cause major harm to the marriage they aren’t entitled to nothing.!

Reportedly Wendy Williams hired extra security on set just in case if he started tripping, but nothing went done despite it being awkward. Kevin Hunter allegedly has been abusive, and even his own mother admitted to seeing him punch on Wendy. Sharina Hudson has been the side chick for 12 years according to Wendy Williams former friend Charlamagne Tha God, and now is the mother of Kevin Hunter’s daughter.

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After reports of Kevin Hunter having a baby with his alleged mistress prompted Wendy (who is currently dealing with addiction relapse) to file , and now is searching for apartments in New York. Wendy and Kevin shared a home in New Jersey while Sharina lived down the block on Wendy’s dime. Kevin allegedly brought her the house, and Sharina made sure to have her and Kevin’s names on the mailbox.

When asked about the divorce Kevin said he wasn’t talking on it yet. Watch the Breakfast Club talk on Wendy Williams pending divorce to Kevin Hunter.

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