UPDATED: Meet Nipsey Hussle First Baby Mom Chyna Hussle ! She Has Nipsey’s B*tch Tatted On Her! Why Wasn’t She At The Funeral?

Chyna Hussle , Nipsey’s Dad, and Nispey’s Daughter Emani

UPDATE: Fans and some of our followers say Chyna was there and can be spotted in a video of Emani Dior singing her Dad’s song during is Victory Lap. Chyna Hussle is supposed to be the woman in the front seat, but we can’t confirm or deny if its her. She hasn’t posted any pics on he Instagram of the ceremony. See Below

Nipsey Hussle‘s first ex girlfriend, and mother to his daughter Emani Dior Chyna Hussle is about that life apparently! When Nipsey Hussle was murdered in front of his Marathon Clothing Store, and other establishments everyone’s first thoughts went to actress Lauren London. We felt her pain, and we still do! Lauren London and Nipsey were public with the love, and it seemed so real! The two have a son together named Kross, and Nipsey was always vocal about how he felt about his girl!

The public also focused on his daughter Emani Dior, who he brought on the Tidal stage to perform his song “Last Time I Checked”, but what about Emani’s mom? Chyna Hussle has had the Hussle name since the two went their separate ways. It’s not Ni8psey Hussle’s real name ( Ermias Joseph Asghedom) ,but it’s how the hood recognizes him, and Chyna is definitely hood.

Chyna Hussle At 16 years old her and first born daughter
Image result for nipsey hussle baby mom

Chyna Hussle ( Tanisha Asghedom ) has three children total. Her youngest Emani Dior is by Nipsey

Chyna also has her last name as Asghedom on her Facebook, and according to her followers and other sources it’s been that way. It’s unclear if they were marred. On Nipsey’s death certificate it says he was not married. So now we know that he didn’t marry Lauren London, and wasn’t still tied up with Chyna is he ever did marry her.

There were rumors that she and Lauren London were beefing back in the day, and did not get along. Chyna was noticeably absent from Nipsey’s Memorial service, and funeral. She did share pictures of Nipsey’s dad attending a “cultural day ” event for Emani Dior prior to Nipsey’s murder with the caption “Family First” on March 14th, 2018. Sometimes when families know the baby mom is too much they usually ex her out, but it seems as though Nipsey’s family is very spiritual, and enlightened so they can look past that. Plus Chyna definitely loved Nipsey even though it appears she moved on.

“Nipsey’s Bitch” Is tatted on her breasts, and she got it while they were dating. She also is from the same hood so she knows his friends, and even has post saying how the two look alike. Chyna is Puerto Rican, and does somewhat resemble the slain rapper who’s father is from Ethiopia.

This isn’t Chyna’s first time losing a boyfriend to senseless violence unfortunately. She had another boyfriend who was also murdered. She’s been criticized for having pictures of Emani holding up her middle finger, and posting pictures of “lean” . She even attempts to sell bottles of lean on her Instagram in some of her old posts.

Nipsey Hussle did not hide that fact that he was from the hood, so trying to shame his baby mother makes no sense. Many have been doing so, but in all reality she deserves to grieve as well, but to remain respectful to his girlfriend Lauren London. Now we don’t know what was going on between the three, but as always keep her in your prayers/duas!

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