G Herbo Says Baby Mom Ari Fletcher Stole Over $300K Of His Jewelry + His Sister Disrespects Ari’s Dead Brother!

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G Herbo and his baby mother are going thru it like a bad episode of The Steve Wilko’s Show! As we reported G Herbo was arrested on a simple battery charge in Atlanta after allegedly beating on Ari Fletcher . The Chiraq natives share a son together named Yoshon, and have been dating other people for almost a year, but they’ve been throwing petty shots at each other online for a while.

G Herbo is currently dating Taina Williams ( Emily B daughter and Fabolous step daughter) , and Ari accused the two of creeping together while they were dating. Ari moved on to Baltimore boxer Gervonta Davis , and is allegedly pregnant by him according to TMZ and a live where Gervonta teases her. According to G Herbo the Instagram influencer is just jealous of his relationship with Taina ,and he was there to get his stolen jewelry.

Gherbo and his girlfriend Taina Williams

During G Herbo’s live (which is steady skipping) he tells his side , but he doesn’t deny beating her up which is odd. “You stole it out my momma house” the Swervo rapper claims Ari told him to come to Atlanta , and get his stuff. Herbo claims this drama is over his relationship with his new girl , and Ari is just bitter.

Ari took to her Insta Stories to say that G Herbo kicked her door down, beat her senseless, dragged her outside , and locked her in the house. She also claims he did most of this in front of their son! While many are stuck on the fact that she said he “kicked down the door then locked her in”( which makes no sense) they are missing the fact that she probably was talking about her bedroom door. Well we think that’s what she was trying to say.

G Herbo’s sister also took to her stories to speak her mind, and defend her brother’s name. In the midst of her rant she said “f*ck Kyle”, and that’s a recipe for an ass whopping because Kyle Ari’s deceased brother ! Ari Fletcher goes by therealkylesister on Instagram, and has him tatted on her arm.

The two were just at their son’s Yoshon’s birthday party, and looked happy despite no picture of them together. Awkwarrddd….. then the two are spotted at Chance the Rapper‘s birthday party in Atlanta , but not together. Ari was there with her boxer bae Gervonta Davis, and G Herbo played solo dolo.

Ari Fletcher and Gervonta Davis At Chance The Rappers ATL Bday Party
Chance the Rapper and G Herbo in the back

Welp on the next episode of Jerry Springer……Rapped Out!

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