Remy Ma Under Investigation For Alleged Probation Violation After Brittney Taylor Tells NYPD She Punched Her Over Misunderstanding W/ Remy’s Stepdaughter!

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Brittney Taylor, Remy Ma

VH1’s Love and Hip Hop New York rapper/reality star Brittney Taylor took to Instagram a couple days ago to tell us how Remy Ma used her face as a punching bag! The “All The Way Up” rapper allegedly punched Brittney Taylor at Pretty Lou Benefit Concert”  in New York City Tuesday night. The incident occurred all over a misunderstanding with Remy’s step daughter Deja Mackie , and Brittney while in the two were in Miami for spring break.

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Dejanae Mackie

Brittney told New York Daily that the day of the altercation Remy Ma approached her asking her Deja ( Remy’s husband Papoose’s daughter), and what happened in Miami. According to Brittney she “defended” Dejanae from a “abusive man” who had been “beating her up”! Brittney claims she “saved Deja’s life”. Remy must have not liked that response because according to Brittney Taylor Remy Ma gave her a two piece and a biscuit to the eye real quick.

What happenned with me and Dej in Miami is I saved her-I saved her life, and (Remy) got aggressive. She was like ” Thats not what I heard”, and she punched me in the face”. I just don’t feel like it’s okay for someone with the status and power that she can use for good- or bad.

She shouldn’t be punching someone- punching someone so hard in the face to the point that here four days later, and my eye’s only getting worse. It really hurts.

Remy Ma aka Reminisce Smith, is on probation until August 2019, and allegations like this could send her back to prison. Remy served a 6 year bid in prison for shooting her friend over a $1000 loan back in 2007. So Britney just getting a punch to the eye doesn’t sound all that bad to me. I’m just saying . Remy just had a baby girl about 6 months ago, so hopefully she chills out or she might be eating chi chi’s on the top bunk real soon.

Some of Remy Ma’s fans are calling Brittney Taylor a rat for telling on Remy Ma. Taylor has reported the incident to the police the next day, and her lawyer wants footage of the fight if anyone has it.

“We’re calling for all witnesses who saw what happened to come forward, as well as anyone who may have videos of what happened,” attorney Sanford Rubenstein said. “And we’re moving in court to preserve any videos at the venue of what happened.” 

Remy hasn’t yet to speak out.

Do you think it was right or wrong for Brittney to tell?

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