Video : G Herbo Baby Mom Ari Fletcher aka The Real Kyle Sister Spotted At A DC Club Booking W/ Multiple Bruises On Her Legs!

Ari Fletcher With Her and G Herbo Son Yoshon At His First Birthday Party April 12th 2019

Ari Fletcher also known as @therealkylesister on Instagram was spotted out, and about at a club booking in Washington D.C. after her G Herbo drama! As we previously reported Chiraq rapper G Herbo was arrested in Atlanta for allegedly assaulting his son’s mother Ari. The two Chicago natives share a one year old son named Yoshon.

In the video you can see Ari’s legs have purple bruises on them as well as her chest and inner thigh! The police report says “minor scratches” listed as injury, but bruising takes a day or two to pop up. She also had big shades on to cover he black eye Ari says she also has.

The two have been co parenting for almost a year, but it hasn’t been smooth ride . G Herbo left Ari for Emily B‘s daughter ( Faboulous is her step father) Taina Williams, and Ari publicly accused Herb of cheating with her. Fast forward Ari is with Baltimore boxer Gervonta Davis , and was just in the club with both men for Chance The Rapper’s birthday party in Atlanta, Georgia. That had to be uncomfortable as hell.

Days prior to the incident G Herbo and Ari threw Yoshon a party for his birthday, and both attended. Herbo even smashed cake in Ari’s face( in a playful manner)! After the party run in G Herbo says he went to go meet Ari at her apartment to get his alleged stolen jewelry from her. Once there it all went down, and cops were called. G Herbo was arrested, and charged with simple battery.

During a Instagram Live rant G Herbo tells his viewers he was there to get back over $300k worth of drip. What’s funny is he never says that he didn’t beat her, but instead he says that he “never filled a report on her” . Basically what we gather is that he is saying tic fo tac I didn’t rat on you, but you ratted on me. By no means does Ari or any woman,( or man for that matter ) deserves to be abused( mentally or physically).

Everybody is wondering whats going on with Gervonta Davis, and is he going to whoop G Herbo’s ass?!?! Well basically he says NOPE. He has a career to uphold. Which is 1000% true, but that answer ain’t it chef! Gervonta went down D.C. with Ari and was al levy dovey.

Taina Williams took to her IG story, and posted the “Thank You Next” sticker up . G Herbo may be seating bullets because he was in Taina’s mom IG comments calling Emily B “momsss”.

Seems like these two are going to have a drama filled 17 years if they don’t get some type of help.

If you or anybody is suffering through Domestic Abuse please call the domestic abuse hotline 1-800-799-7233. It’s anonymous, and free.

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