Nipsey Hussle Baby Mom Chyna Hussle Knew Killer Eric Holder ! Pictures of Him In Her Kitchen Post On!

Nipsey Hussle murderer Eric Holder may have been friends or associates with Nipsey’s baby mother Chyna Hussle aka Tanisha Asghedom ! The mother of his daughter Emani Dior posted Eric Holder on her Instagram account back in 2013! If you look closely you can see Eric Holder standing in (what we assume ) her kitchen cooking at the stove. It’s been confirmed by his tattoos non his neck.

Many are wondering Chyna’s and Lauren London’s back history as well. Back in the day she used to throw shots directly at Lauren London on Twitter saying things like

@IamLaurenLondon he told me he loves me today weekday about you lol now you can block me

Tanisha also uses Nipsey’s stage name and legal last name despite him being listed as not married on his death certificate.

Chyna has pictures of both Eric and the get away driver on her Instagram. As you dig into her Instagram account you will see plenty of indirect post about her love life, and some straight shots at Nipsey Hussle!

Many are wondering how deep her connection was with the two as of 2019, and how much it’s a coincidence that she knew the two. The posts date back to 2013 to we aren’t sure as to how close she was with them at the time of Nipsey’s murder, but it should be made clear by all three parties ASAP! Well at least by Chyna!

Ad we previously reported Chyna has Nipsey’s Bitch tatted on her chest, and has been posting about Nipsey since his death.

It’s hard losing a baby father or mother , but she needs to make it public what her affiliation with Eric Holder is?

Nipsey Hussle’s business partner told his memory of the incident saying Eric Holder came up in awe of the rapper, and talked about his own music career. Despite reports of Nipsey calling him a snitch. The camera reportedly shows the men talking casually with the conversation ending with a hand shake! Cameras show the get away driver sped off when Eric Holder returned back to the Marathon Store, and murdered Nipsey Hussle.

How do you feel about Chyna Hussle’s connection to the murderer?

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