Remy Ma Steps Out Wearing Ankle Monitor Amid NYPD Probe& After Alleged Brittney Taylor Beat Down!

Angelica Villa, Remy Ma, Fat Joe, Tony Sunshine and Papoose
Remy Ma, Fat Joe, Papoose

Terror Squad for real..allegedly. As we previously reported Remy Ma allegedly punched her Love and Hip Hop New York cast mate Brittney Taylor over a what Taylor says is a misunderstanding. Remy Ma , who is currently on probation( god willing until August 2019) allegedly punched Brittney Taylor so hard in her eye last week that it still hurts till this day. Remy is currently on probation steeping from an incident in 2007 whenshe shot her former friend for an unpaid $1k debt.

Remy Ma served 6 years time, and was released in 2013 on parole and probation conditions. Brittney took to social media to vent her frustrations, and also did an interview with Daily Mail. Brittney is calling for all witness at the charity event in Irving Plaza where it occurred to step forward.

According to Brittney this all started over Remy’s step daughter, and you can read up on the back story here. Remy Ma shocked everyone with her new ankle monitor at the New York City Football Club’s match at Yankee Stadium. It was to celebrate Bronx borough night!

Remy hasn’t been charged with any crimes, but Taylor’s attorney says they plan on filling charges. She’s making sure she goes back to jail!Rapped Out

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