ATL Inmate Designs His Own Clothing Line Using Commissary(Dental Floss & A Paper Clip)! Also Debuts His Line While Currently In Prison!

Dudes in jail literally can make something out of nothing, and upcoming fashion designer/ prison inmate Shod is evidence of that! Now we ain’t no snitch, but he put this online so we doubt he gives af! Anyway Shod’s clothing line “The Trenches” is handmade using the finest prison commissary items you ever seen!

Using dental floss and a paper clip Shod sews his clothing made from prison mats, and inmate uniforms. Shod was arrested back in 2016 on robbery charges, but is ready for release in October 2019. He’s gained some buzz with his state property fashions (literally) . Shod doesn’t want to just use his talents and recent internet fame to rake in money; he also wants to help steer children in the right direction.

Take a look at his creation below;

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