G Herbo Charged With Battery After Allegedly Dragging His Baby Mom Ari Fletcher By Her Hair & Leaving Visible Marks On Her Body!

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G Herbo and Ari The Real Kyle Sister

Swervo G Herbo caught a simple battery charge after allegedly beating on his baby mom ( who is pregnant by boyfriend Gervonta Davis) while according to him collecting his jewelry that Ari Fletcher “stole from his mama house”! The two were spotted in Atlanta for Chance The Rapper‘s birthday, and has an awkward run in when Ari and her new boyfriend Gervonta Davis showed up at the same party as G Herbo.

At first the cops charged him with simple assault, but days after the incident detectives must of saw Ari’s alleged bruises on her arm, and trumped up the charges to Battery.

The next days following the party as we previously reported G Herbo allegedly beat on Ari aka The Real Kyle Sister in front of their one year old son Yoshon. According to Ari Fletcher Herbo dragged her by the hair around her apartment and apartment complex, bust down her door, locked her in her room, and hid all of her knives and anything else that could be used as a weapon amongst other claims.

The Chiraq natives just threw a birthday party for their son Yoshon( who is hilarious btw) , and G Herbo playfully smashed cake in Ari’s hair! Just after that is when the co parents had a run in at the club , and that’s when things must’ve went left….again. G Herbo wants it to be known he does not want Ari back despite the drama.

Herbo also hopped on Instagram live saying he never called the police on Ari for stealing his chain, but yet she called the cops on him. Basically he really never denied beating on her, and was more upset she told on him.

Ari was spotted at a Washington, D.C. club booking along with her man Gervonta Davis right after the altercation, and you can see what appear to be bruises along her legs. Ari also rocked big dark shaded to what fans assume was to cover her alleged black eye she alleged she had. The cops say they only saw scratches on her arm on the police report.

G Herbo faces up to one year in prison if found convicted! Rapped Out

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