Remi Ma Out On Bail After Turning Herself In For Allegedly Punching Brittney Taylor! Remy Is Still On Probation & May Be In Big Trouble!

Remy Ma arrested in Brittney F Taylor assault
Remy Ma and Brittney Taylor

Remy Ma is out on $1,500 bail, and now has an 8pm court ordered curfew stemming from allegedly punching Brittney Taylor in the right eye! Reminisce Mackie aka Remy Ma is currently on probation that was set to end in August 2019, but the allegations were made by her Vh1 Love and Hip Hop; New York co star Brittney Taylor cops began to probe. Remy was issued an ankle monitor, and spotted at events rocking it. The judge also ordered a protective order, which means Remy is absolutely not to have any contact with Brittney.

Brittney Taylor has filled a civil lawsuit, and is in hopes of landing video evidence of the alleged attack from anyone who attended the Pretty Lou Foundation benefit concert in New York April 16th. The All The Way Up rapper’s lawyer Dawn Florio says that Taylor’s allegations are false, and that Remy Ma was home at the time of the alleged incident.She also pointed out that it was suspicious that Bri hired a civil attorney immediately after the attack.

Remy is currently on probation which stems from her shooting her former friend that owed her $1k. Her probation was set to end in August 2019, but these allegations may jeopardize that. Mackie was charged with  misdemeanor assault. The fight according to Brittney was over Papoose‘s daughter ( Remy’s step daughter). Read more here

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