Is This Chick The Reason Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Aren’t On Good Terms?

Jazzma Kendrick Joe Budden Cheating Miami
Jazma Kendrick and Joe Budden

Joe Budden confirmed that he and his baby mom Love & Hip Hop star Cyn Santana haven’t officially broken up, but Cyn has moved out of their shared home and haven’t spoken in “awhile”. Cyn somewhat confirmed their spilt saying that your actions sometimes speak louder than words when a fan asked about how someone can breakup without actually saying it.

According to Bossip Youtubers may have busted Joe Budden for chilling with a model turned real estate agent named Jazma Kendrick. Jazma and Joe were walking down Miami shoulder to shoulder and the group of Youtubers caught them on camera. In the video Joe tries to power walk in front of Jazma, but it’s too late.

Now Jazma is known for messing with men in relationships, and allegedly stole Naomi Campbell’s Italian boyfriend. Jazma split ways with the Italian soccer player Christian Vieri, 45 after reports came out he was allegedly racist. Now Jazma is a realtor, so maybe Joe was looking for Miami property. Also no offense, but Joe seems to mainly date lighter toned hispanic women, and Jazma is not his normal go to type. That doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful or he wouldn’t dat her is just an observation.

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