Get To Know Da Baby:Did You Know He Killed A Man In Self Defense While Shopping In Walmart W/ His Kids? +Watch New His Vlog !

Da Baby

If you are unfamiliar with Da Baby you might have thought he came out of no where with his hit song “Suge”, but Da Baby has been on the scene grinding. After his first major label album “Baby on Baby” took Billboard charts top 100 number one spot it’s safe to say Da Baby is here to stay! The Charlotte, North Carolina rapper wasn’t always known as Da Baby, and his first rap name was Baby Jesus!

Image result for da baby diaper
Da Baby Wearing A Diaper At SXSW 2017

Baby Jesus was also known for wearing an adult diaper to music conference SXSW 2017! After a few hiccups, and deciding to make his name more socially accepted Baby Jesus became Da Baby we know today! During a Say Cheese interview he discussed with Shawn Cotton how he struggled with the idea of changing his name to Da Baby from Baby Jesus. When his hit song “Light Show”came in at number 23 on the charts in order to keep the radio stations happy he switched names.

Da Baby, 27, hails from North Carolina, but was born in Cleveland,Ohio. Charlotte rappers according to Baby can’t go number one due to their peers hating, but he didn’t let it phase him. After his controversial diaper stunt at SXSW his career approach according to him went stagnant because his team at the time were scared off by the negative comments.

Roc Nation even signed Da Baby, but for some reason didn’t allow him to publicly say he was signed. According to Baby things started off slow, and they parted ways .

Da Baby seems to always get asked about “checking in” when touring, and visiting other cities. “Checking in” basically means to call in to the dominant figures, gangs, or personas of that city, and showing them respect . Whether it’s financial or in solidarity some rappers make sure to do so while touring. Da Baby however believes in making sure his contacts and connections are in tact in each cities he visits, but that’s the only checking in he plans on doing.

Da Baby has had a few run in with gangs that felt as though he needed a “permission slip” or to be allowed to shoot a video in their hood. During the “21“video shoot a groups of guys noticed he was filming a video in a house Baby had borrowed from his friend. The guys called their self G checking the “Baby Sitter” rapper , but he stood ten toes down.

That wasn’t Da Baby’s first rodeo because he also had a fatal encounter in Walmart while shopping with his baby mother and his children. The rapper was Literally shopping in the baby section when he noticed two guys mean mugging him. Da Baby ran into a friend and while talking he noticed the same two mean walking towards him. Those same men proceeded to talk tough, and asked him out to the parking lot. Instead of walking out he told his baby mother to walk off with his children.

The men then proceeded to pull gun on him, and a shoot out went down inside the Walmart! Da Baby ended up killing the 19 year old aggressor in self defense.

On top of that 3 years ago six men ran in his house with guns drawn in attempts to rob his house. The intruders didn’t know that Baby was home, and were surprised when he started blasting away. He moved the same day.

Lil Baby and Da Baby may share the same moniker, but they are not alike. I think Lil Baby may have to come up off the name because Da Baby is super stamped in our eyes.

Da Baby isn’t your average rapper! For his music videos to be so light hearted and fun while he lived such a traumatic lifestyle. Many would fold, but he keeps going. We enjoy how the rapper transparent he has been . From vlogging since day one, and sharing his journey throughout the music industry. He still continues to this day to share his tour life, and behind the scene moments.

Watch is latest vlog below:

Rapped Out

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