“All Dicked Up”:Quilly Vs Meek Mill! Quilly Drags PNB Rock Into It & Meek Responds! +Quilly & His Girlfriend Are Having A Baby! #freequilly


Congrats are in order for Haines & Money rapper Quilly ! He’s having a baby with his long time girlfriend Fendi. The Panicking rapper shares a son with his ex- girlfriend Rachel, and this will be his second child.

Now with congrats and well wishes out the way Quilly has been on some sh&t!

Quilly caught Meek Mill‘s attention when he went on Instagram live to show his followers how he actually plays in the trenches of Brick Yard, Philadelphia! As Quilly was being chauffeured around his old stomping grounds he quoted Meek Mill ;

I run my city from South Philly back to Uptown!

Quilly went on to say how he actually comes to the hood, and the projects, and how he has never seen Meek Mill step a foot on Haines Street! Quilly says Meek could take it how he wanted, and from there the circus ensued. Meek commented on the Philadelphia blog page post saying someone must’ve gave Quilly a bad perc!

Meek insinuated that Quilly is higher than giraffe ass, and must be tripping! Well that was all Quilly needed, and the battery in his back was charged to 100%! Quilly who went on a Twitter rant exposed his manager Life, and producer EA. According to Quilly ,his manager Life will not turn over the password to Quilly‘s Instagram account!

The Haines street rapper says that when he gets on Instagram Live his manager has to be sitting there with him due to his impulsive behavior! His team is more so doing damage control, but Quilly believes it’s to keep him under their control! Quilly says they think when he gets signed he will leave them in the dust! Which he probably will, but hey they knew who he was when they signed up to work with Quilly West!

Quilly even said he would run up in EA, his producer’s crib, and take his computer if he didn’t release his music to him NOW! He also accused Meek Mill of biting his style , and not tagging Quilly when he said “Carrying it” to Jay-Z! Which we find funny because well….. he did the same thing to us with his Im Rapped Out mixtape!

But we let bye gones be bye gones!

Somehow PNB Rock got dragged into it when Quilly blasted Meek for not giving PNB Rock shine in Meek’s video for the song “Dangerous”! Despite Rock writing it! PNB Rock just hit up The Breakfast Club where he revealed he is a ghost writer, and has written some top hits. Rock chose to remain humble, and keep the artists names secret. Wonder if that’s one of the songs he was referring to.

PNB Rock also discussed on Sirus radio his relationship w/ Quilly, and how he was in the works of signing him to his record label New Lane Ent. while talking about his new album Trap Star Turnt Pop Star!

This is going to be long Ramadan for Quilly who makes it very clear that he is doing business and life his way regardless of public opinion.

Our only question is why he can’t just make a new page, and tell everyone to follow him? HMMMM rocket science I guess……….Rapped Out!

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