Nipsey Hussles Brother Blacc Sam Requests To Be Head Of Nipsey’s Estate!+ Eric Holder’s Nipsey’s Killer’s Lawyer Quit!

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Nipsey Hussle , Granny, Blacc Sam

Nipsey Hussle’s brother Blacc Sam is trying to honor his little brother Nipsey by continuing on with the marathon! As Nipsey says in his song “Rack In The Middle” “continue on with what we started…nigga live your life and grow”! Blacc Sam has filled court documents requesting that he be in charge of the business he and Nipsey created together after his untimely death. The filling is on the heels of him also requesting custody (along with their sister Samantha) of Nipsey’s oldest child Emani Dior.

Blacc Sam, says he needs to take over Nipsey’s finical affairs ,so he can ensure that business opportunities continue to flourish. Unfortunately Nipsey died without a will, and has properties worth $2,035,000! After his death tons of media attention increased the demand of the Nipsey Hussle brand. The Marathon Clothing store where Nipsey was tragically murdered has had to close down, so they can focus on their online orders. According to Nipsey’s team they have sold $2 million worth of merchandise post his death!

Nipsey always gave his brother Blacc Sam credit for teaching him how to hustle! and Nip even shared a story about how at age 18 Blacc Sam buried half a million dollars in their mother’s backyard!

We are sure Sam will continue on the marathon. In other news the man who took Nipsey Hussle away from us has had a turn of events on his end. Due to death threats Eric Holder’s pro bono lawyer Christopher Darden quit! As you could imagine people were outraged when they found out that Darden took Holder on as a client. Darden says his family began to receive death threats!

chris darden, eric holder

Darden is no stranger to controversial clients, and was one of the lawyers on the famous O.J. Simpson case in the 90’s.

“Just as they were in 1995-Cowards never change. These days these cowards don’t send letters instead they sit anonymously behind keyboards threatening a man’s mother and children.”

Darden holds on to his stance on the law and says everyone deserves a fair trail in the court of law.

“After centuries of a history of black men hung from trees without trial, or after the thousands of cases of black men tried, convicted and executed without counsel … I cannot understand why in 2019 some people would deny a black man his 6th Amendment right to counsel of his choice.”

Darden let it be know to those mad at him for defending Shitty Cuz that he will never back down.

“To those who issued those threats to my children please pay close attention so there is no misunderstanding. Later. F**K YOU!”

Darden wants people to keep that the same energy with stopping violence in the streets. 

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