NBA Young Boy’s Girlfriend Allegedly Shot In The Leg While In Miami For Rolling Loud+ Young Boy Performs Afterwards!

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NBA YoungBoy

The music festival Rolling Loud in Miami, Florida seems like is is NOT the move for rappers. We think rappers Kodak Black, Young Thug, & NBA Young Boy would seem to agree! While readying for his performance NBA Young Boy took to the streets with his latest girlfriend Kay, and his team of security near Trump Beach Resort near Miami. While outside shot rang out, and one person was killed.

Kay, NBA Young Boy’s Latest girlfriend

It’s unclear if NBA Young Boy was the intended target, but his girlfriend Kay allegedly was shot in the leg according to reports. On Instagram outlets were reporting that Young Boy’s security had chased the shooter done, and fatally shot him in the head. This was not the case, but in fact a young man that was near the scene (who was not the shooter) was killed, and a 5 year old was grazed by a stray bullet!

There are videos of the aftermath, and the scene as expected was chaotic. In the video you can see what we presume to be his girlfriend Kay on a stretcher being put into an ambulance. Young Boy is also pointed out by onlookers, and can be spotted talking to someone. According to Instagram Kay’s mom was even asking Young Boy fans which hospital her daughter was taken to!

NBA Young Boy did not let that stop his from collecting the bag because he went on to Miamis Hard Rock Cafe arena to perform at Rolling Loud!

We’ll keep you updated on turn of events. Rapped Out

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