Updated:Child Protective Services Get Involved In Nipsey Hussle’s Custody Hearing Set For Today!

UPDATE 12:41PM EST Chyna Hussle Has Posted A Picture Of Her Ready For Court

As we previously reported Nipsey Hussle‘s sister and brother have petitioned the courts for custody of their niece and Nipsey’s oldest child Emani Dior! Child Protective Services has in stepped into the matter after Samantha filled for emergency custody, and was denied by the judge who did not see an urgent need. Chyna Hussle also know as Tanisha has not spoken out on the custody battle, but allegedly has about her romantic dealings with her ex Nipsey Hussle. Read about that here.

According to court records DCFS officials in Los Angeles will be involved in Tuesday’s court hearing that will decide the emergency placement of Nipsey’s daughter, Emani Dior! As previously reported Samantha ,Nipsey’s sister requested that the courts not notify Chyna of her filling for custody. Chyna was indeed notified by the courts, and the hearing is set for today.

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