Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mom Allegedly Posts On Face Book That She & Nipsey Were Still Messing Around Before His Death! + Custody Hearing Today For Their Daughter Today!

Emani Dior, Nipsey Hussle, Chyna Hussle

Updated 12:44 PM Chyna Hussle Post’s Picture On IG before court

Nipsey Hussle‘s baby mom Tanisha aka Chyna Hussle is allegedly saying that she and Nipsey were still messing around before the time of his tragic death. According to facebook posts that are allegedly from her account Tanisha is pissed fans and the media aren’t acknowledging her as his “day 1“. As we previously reported Chyna Hussle is the mother of Nipsey’s first born Emani Dior.

Currently Nipsey’s older brother Samuel Asghedom aka Blacc Sam and his younger sister Samantha Smith are scheduled to appear in court today over custody of Emani Dior! The Asghedom’s are all agree that they would be better suited to take care of Emani. Nipsey and Chyna shared joint custody of their daughter, but according o sources and Nipsey he took care of her daily.

Everyday Nipsey would take Emani to school, and shared with his fans their father/daughter talks in the car before his death. Samantha, Nipsey’s little sister requested emergency custody, and the court not to inform Chyna Hussle of the request. Despite her concerns the judge did not see the urgent need to remove Emani from her mother’s custody, and a hearing was scheduled for May 14th, 2019.

Chyna Hussle Nipsey’s Bitch Tattoo

In the past Tanisha has thrown shots at Lauren London, Nipsey’s long time girlfriend , and alleged they were still having sex. Lauren and Nipsey had briefly spilt after the birth of their son Kross, but rekindled their love prior to his death. Chyna hasn’t spoken out about the custody hearing as of yet to our knowledge.

Today is the scheduled hearing for Tanisha , and the Asghedom family, and we will keep you updated. Rapped Out

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