Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mom Chyna Has A Warrant For Her Arrest! Nipsey’s Family Also Has Allegedly Been Keeping Emani Away From Chyna!

Emani Dior, Nipsey Hussle, Chyna Hussle

Chyna Hussle also know as Tanisha Foster has been going thru it , and since the death of Nipsey Hussle everything is coming to light. A warrant has been issued for her arrest after missing a court date stemming from a DUI case that she pled guilty to, and was put on probation for! Tanisha’s probation was revoked due to her missing court, and now a bench warrant has been issued for her arrest!

Nipsey Hussle’s baby mom Chyna Hussle also has been back in fourth out of court for other charges as well. In 2006, she was arrested for resisting arrest and disturbing the peace, and 2007 for similar charges including vandalism! Those charges were dropped after she completed probation.

Last week Chyna Hussle and the Asghedom family were in family court over custody of her daughter Emani Dior, 10. Nipsey’s younger sister Samantha Smith, and his older brother Blacc Sam are requesting sole custody.

As we previously reported they don’t believe Chyna can provide a stable environment for Emani. Prior to Nipsey’s death he discussed in a video with Steph Curry about how he takes his daughter to school everyday, and would have to recite quotes. Nipsey was very involved in the upbringing of his children Kross (Lauren London‘s son) , and Emani Dior.

Tanisha Foster also alleges she hasn’t seen Emani Dior since the dropping Emani off for Nipsey‘s funeral. Last week after the custody hearing (which has been pushed back) the judge cleared the court room, and allowed her to spend time alone with Emani. According to her that was the first time in months! Tanisha has 2 other older children as well.Hopefully everything works out for the best! Follow Us Rapped Out

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