Nipsey Hussle Baby Mom Says She Still Has Custody+ She May Be Gearing Up For A Legal Battle Over Nipsey’s Money!

Samantha Smith , Emani Dior

Nipsey Hussle may have had a soft spot for his baby mom Tanisha Foster, and Tanisha wants the world to know. Chyna Hussle aka Tanisha shared a tweet from Nipsey the he was alive that gave her praises for bringing Emani Dior into this world.Foster also took to Instagram to blast haters who are saying she doesn’t have custody of her daughter Emani Dior!

A judge blocked her attempt to regain physical custody, and a Samantha Smith ( Nip’s little sister) was granted temporary custody. In July the Asghedom family has another family court hearing scheduled. While alive Nipsey reportedly shared joint custody with Tanisha, and he was the primary care giver. Lauren London even has been credited by their friends with helping to raise Emani “as her own”.

Despite the Asghedom’s concerns about Emani Dior’s well being, and Tanisha’s ability to take care of her Nipsey never filled for sole custody of his daughter. Nipsey was a very smart business man, but he also failed to leave a will. With his passing Nipsey’s children will inherent Nipsey’s fortune. The “Racks in the Middle” rapper left behind $2 million dollars to be divided between his two children Emani Dior, and Kross Asghedom.

Being as though Tanisha has the ability to block Nipsey’s brother Blacc Sam attempts to become head of Nipsey’s estate it seems as though she is going to do so! If Nipsey had a will specifically detailing who is in charge of his children’s inheritance Chyna Hussle would have no say! Unfortunately Nipsey did not, so his brother Samuel Asghedom has filled to become head of if late brother Nipsey Hussle’s All Money In estate!

Since the passing of Nipsey his store The Marathon Clothing store has shut down due to the overwhelming amount of sales. Once Nipsey was murdered celebs flooded the Nipsey Hussle Square flagship store, and the public began to follow suit( I’m still waiting for my order to ship)! The Marathon Clothing store has made $10 million in retail sales surpassing Nipsey’s wildest dreams!

In regards to money a lot is at stake, and if Tanisha is reinstated physical custody she is rightfully due money from Emani’s inheritance to help maintain the lifestyle Emani is accustomed to. Emani welfare is what’s most important , and hopefully the judge has a good insight on what’s necessary .

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