The Crips Move In To TradeMark Nipsey Hussle’s “The Marathon Continues” Slogan!

Nipsey Hussle Trademark
Source: The Blast.Com

Nipsey Hussle was a famous rapper and gang member of The Crips Rolling 60‘s set, and repped his colors proudly. Nipsey would always say he viewed life as a marathon, and that “the marathon continues”, and now his beloved gang wants to trademark it!

Via The Blast the Crips moved to register “The Marathon Continues,” to be used in a mixture of services, including “Arranging and conducting youth sports programs.” The application was filed by the Crips holding company, Crips LLC, on May 16, 2019.

Nipsey Hussle Trademark

The Crips would like to use the slogan for educational purposes , and materials intended for the use of gang violence prevention. Nipsey never put in for the trademark despite his clothing brand being called “The Marathon” , and his latest album named “Victory Lap”. The Asghedom family hasn’t publicly spoken on if the agree with the request for trademarking. Puma plans on dropping a posthumous The Marathon collaboration, and with the trademark request it’s unclear of the next steps.

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