Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mom TanishaFoster Says Lauren London Needs To Learn How To Get Along!

Tanisha Foster, Nipsey Hussle’s baby mom took to Instagram Live to talk about her their relationship, and spoke on Lauren London. Chyna Hussle, aka Tanisha seemed somewhat tired, and her speech slurred while she answered questions from viewers. According to Chyna Hussle Nipsey has been a good portion of 16 years of her life!

Nipsey and Tanisha share a 10 year old daughter named Emani Dior.Tanisha is currently in a custody battle with his family! The Asghedoms don’t believe that Tanisha can provide a stable environment for Emani. Tanisha went to court last week, and lost temporary custody to Nipsey’s little sister Samantha Smith! Family court issues another court date scheduled for July to further evaluate the custody agreement.

One day before family court Tanisha was issued a warrant for arrest stemming from a missed probation court appearance for a D.U.I. charge. No word on how that turned out, but she must be ok because Tanisha just came back from a Las Vegas getaway with friends.

During the Instagram Live she dresses viewers when someone asked about her relationship with Nipsey’s longtime girlfriend of six years Lauren London. Tanisha goes on to say,“Lauren needs to learn how to get along”! It’s no secret the two women didn’t get along after Tanisha tweeted about how she was still “number 1″ in Nipsey’s life amongst other things!

It was rumored that Tanisha Foster may be looking to file for head of Nipsey Hussle’s estate. With deals from Puma, talks with govt. over business laws with Nipsey’s team , and The Crips LLC filing for ownership over Nipsey Hussle’s famous saying “The Marathon Continues” Nipsey estate is in jeopardy. Blacc Sam, Nipsey’s older brother has filled a motion to be named as head of the estate being as though Nipsey didn’t have a will. Tanisha would be head of Emani’s portion (which is half) of her father’s estate worth over $10 million currently. Lauren London’s son Kross is entitled to half of his father’s estate as well. Follow us

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