Is 50 Cent The President Of Sallie Mae? The Internet Says If He Was We’d Be In Trouble!

CURTIS ''50 CENT'' JACKSON attends ''Nobody's Fool'' World Premiere,

If 50 Cent was the president of Sallie Mae according to Shuler King all of our checking accounts would be in the negative! Why? We”ll because he won’t take “I don’t got it” as an answer! Instagram comedian Shuler King shared a post with him crying student loan debt tears after having to duck Sallie Mae!

Shuler jokes around how the G-Unit boss called King trying to collect his student loan debt owed to Sallie Mae.

“They told me that 50 Cent just became the president of Sallie Mae,” Shuler said. “What are we supposed to do now?”

“I used to just be able to tell them when they called that ‘I ain’t got it,’” Shuler said, making reference to Teairra Mari’s new catchphrase. “Fifty ain’t going for that man! He is not gonna go… He ain’t gonna go for ‘I ain’t got it.’ He gonna send the whole G-G-G- G-Unit to come and get the money. I ain’t got it. What am I gonna do? I ain’t got that kinda money.”

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