Jay-Z Is The First Rapper To Be Worth $1 Billion Dollars!

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Jay-Z The Billionare

Jay Z is the first rap artist to be worth $1 billion dollars according to Forbes! The money magazine totaled all of his income from multiple business ventures and subtracted “a healthy amount to account for a superstar lifestyle.”

Here’s a breakdown of how Jay-Z made it happen:

— $310 million for Armand de Brignac champagne

— $220 mil in cash and investments, including a $70 million stake in Uber

— $100 mil for D’Usse cognac

— $100 mil for Tidal

— $75 mil for Roc Nation

— $75 mil for his music catalog

— $70 mil art collection

— $50 mil in real estate

Forbes isn’t even counting Beyonce‘s worth in to the mix, and if they did whew! At first is was believed that Dr.Dre back in 2014 was the first billionaire in hip hop after his Apple/ Beats deal for $3.2 billion! Dre’s net worth was $800 million after taxes, so the magazine retracted saying they jumped the gun!

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