EBE Bandz Allegedly Pulled A GunOn 16 Yr Old Girl One Day Before Disappearing ! Manager Says Fake News, But Is Bands Alive , & Really Just On The Run?

Image: Update: EBE Bandz Pulled Gun on 16-Year-Old Girl Before Going Missing Image #2

Chicago Drill rapper EBE Bandz allegedly pulled a gun out on a 16 year old girl that asked Bandz uncle why he was looking at her under aged friend ” like that”! Other outlets have released the name of the minor, but we aren’t going to do so. According to her Bandz uncle was looking at her friend in a sexual way. When EBE heard the confrontation between the teen and his uncle he came out of his apartment pointing a 9mm pistol with an extended clip at the teen!

What’s interesting is that according to the teen girl EBE Bandz also known a Billy The Kid apologized to her on Sunday after the ordeal with his uncle! According to reports Bandz was already reported missing to the authorities, but the girl insists that she was with him. She also added that Bandz stopped her twice to apologize to her, and she believes that he wasn’t kidnapped! In an interesting plot twist the young girl told police that “maybe he just ran because police are looking for him”!

Fans believe the young girl has something to do with it after her statements. At first she didn’t report it until police began to question the community .Other critics think he is on the run and we are being led on a dummy mission, but EBE Bandz remains missing! According to Bandz manager Big C this story is made up by a reporter, and he and Bandz mom were on the phone with the reporter’s editor. We are unsure of the original article because when googled it doesn’t come up.

Big C says Bandz “fake crackhead uncle and aunt” made up the story, and the Chicago authorities believe the outlet was irresponsible for posting it. There hasn’t been any reported new information from authorities, but we will keep you in updated.

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