EBE Bandz Fans Want To Know If The Body Found Floating In A Chicago River Is Him! Plus Bandz Is Listed As On The Run!

As we previously reported Chicago rapper EBE Bandz is missing as of last week, and fans are worried that a body found floating in a Chicago River near Goose Island is him! The Police Marine Unit discovered the body around 1:40 a.m. in the river near the Halsted Street bridge. The unidentified body was pronounced dead at the scene, and authorities have yet to release any further information .

Chicago drill rapper and friend of Bandz, Tay 600 spoke put saying he was concerned about his friend. Tay 600 also said things weren’t looking too good as well! We previously reported that Bandz allegedly pulled a gun on a 16 year old girl over a dispute between she, and his uncle one day before going missing! The girl told Chicago police that she believed Bandz was on he run from authorities. His manager dismisses the reports as “fake news”, and is adamant that Bandz is missing!

E.B.E. Bandz is currently on parole in Chicago. Despite his mother and manager’s claims that he is missing his status is listed “absconder “. Which basically means that his parole officer doesn’t know his where about, and can’t get in contact with him. This isn’t uncommon because when on parole and/ or probation they assume offenders are on the run when “missing“.

They could care less basically!

Hopefully we hear some good news, but until then we will keep you updated!

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