Wendy William’s New Felon Bae Is 27 Yrs Old & Was A Armed Robber!

Wendy Williams new “sexy man” as she labeled him….. is Marc Tomblin , a 27 year old (according to his LinkedIn page) is a financial investor and blogger according to Bossip! Wendy Williams and Tomblin where spotted out on a date when paparazzi (deliberately ) called Marc, Kevin! Also Wendy William scolded the paparazzi ,and then talked about her soon to be ex husband Kevin Hunter, and 18 year old son Kevin Hunter Jr.

Tomblin was released from prison in 2014 after being convicted of robbery with a dangerous weapon (conspiracy) and breaking and entering, according to state records obtained by BOSSIP.

The North Carolina rent a bae was convicted the year before for the crimes, which he allegedly committed within days of each other. Tomblin later served a minimum of fifteen months for the two convictions, followed with probation.

Wendy became emotional while discussing her current marital status while Marc Tomblin looked on. Wendy was also spotted at the bank atm with money in hand while her young felon bae looked happy as could be! As previously reported Wendy’s estranged husband was cheating on Wendy, and allegedly got his mistress of 15 years, Sharina Hudson pregnant! Sharina had a baby girl, and since then Wendy had filled for divorce.

Wendy Williams is worth $60 million, and has a lot at stake when it comes to getting in relationships. Reportedly she knows of his criminal past, but is overlooking it due to the early stages of the “relationship“.

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