Brittney Taylor Was Arrested For Allegedly Attacking The Only Witness In Her Remy Ma Assault Case!

Brittney Taylor

Oh how the tables turn! Love and Hip Hop “star” Brittney Taylor allegedly attacked the only witness in her assault case with Remy Ma! The alleged assault occurred in Dina Khalil’s apartment 6:45 am Friday, and according to Dina Taylor allegedly scratched her! Taylor then allegedly followed Khalil to the lobby and threw a cell phone at her face!

Taylor was arrested at the scene and charged with assault. She appeared before a judge Friday, where she was released on her own recognizance. Remy Ma is currently being accused by Brittney Taylor of punching her in the eye at the “Pretty Lou Benefit Concert” at Irving Plaza on April 16, over a misunderstanding with Remy’s step daughter.

Remy Ma who’s real name is Reminisce Smith is currently on probation, and wearing an ankle monitor due to the alleged assault . The Lean Back rapper was set to get off probation in August 2019, but we will have to see what comes of this. Remy Ma is currently on ton bond, and awaiting trial. Her lawyer , Eric Sanders, said the arrest raises concerns for the assault case against the rapper.

“Obviously this arrest creates a major credibility issue for the prosecution and [Taylor’s lawyer in the case] Mr. Rubenstein to contend with,” Sanders said in a statement to the Post. “Either way, we intend to continue pressing forward to ensuring Remy is totally vindicated.”

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