Nipsey Hussle’s Family Says Tanisha Foster Doesn’t Deserve Custody! Says Look At How She Raises Her Other Kids!

Chyna Hussle , Nipsey’s Dad, Emani Dior

Nipsey Hussle‘s little sister Samantha Smith currently has custody of he and Tanisha Foster aka Chyna Hussle‘s daughter Emani Dior Asghedom, and are urging the judge to look at Foster’s track record. Tanisha has 2 older children , a 18 year old daughter and 17 year old son that don’t live with her.

According to court documents the girl is currently in juvenile detention in L.A., and has been in and out of the system since she was 12. TMZ sources say she’s currently in a juvenile detention center now for petty theft. Nobody will come forward to claim her including her own mother Tanisha! Sources are claiming they refuse to let her 18 year daughter go because she doesn’t have a stable environment to go to . She also is required to obtain her G.E.D. which she has failed to do so. Allegedly Tanisha refuses to attend her daughters scheduled hearings!

Allegedly her son doesn’t attend school, and bounces from house to house! Tanisha also has had her fair share of legal problems, and was on probation for drunk driving. One day prior to her temporary custody case with Nipsey’s little sister Samantha Smith a warrant for her arrest over a drunk driving case that resulted in her probation. Old posts on Tanisha’s Instagram show her selling codeine promethazine, and a picture of Eric Holder, Nipsey’s killer in her kitchen cooking.

A new hearing has been set, and Nipsey’s family is hoping the judge turns the temporary custody order into permanent.

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