Exclusive: Lala Anthony Pushing Thru Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Yacht Fling W/ Insta “Model” Sara ! Carmelo Is AllegedlyTrying To Keep Baby Mom From Spilling More Tea!

We were the first to tell you that Lala Anthony‘s birthday was allegedly ruined after her husband Jordan Brand baller Carmelo Anthony was spotted in France on a yacht with Sara Smiri! We discovered it was a model named Sara Smiri after a former “friend” of the Insta model send us a tip, and we went digging! According to the “friend” she met Carmelo while he was out in France for business. Sara is from Sweden, and is allegedly NOT married despite Carmelo’s claims that she was!

Sara Lala Anthony Carmelo Anthony

We have been getting tips from both sides of the story, and Carmelo allegedly went to an arbiter get his alleged baby mother Mia Angel to keep from talking about him on social media. The former alleged side chick took to Instagram to tell us how Carmelo could explain himself to the world about “cheating”, but neglect to discuss his daughter! According to our source Carmelo loves his daughter , but Mia allegedly is making him distance himself. Lala and Melo were working on repairing their marriage after Mia gave birth, so Carmelo allegedly didn’t want to make Lala uncomfortable by spending time too much time around Mia.

Lala Anthony is allegedly has begun counseling after hearing about Carmelo’s alleged affair, and seeing the pictures of Melo and Sara on the yacht. Her relationship with Carmelo has been a roller coaster of events and speculations. While on her VH1 reality show “My Full Court Life” when asked about side baby rumors she told her Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God she that if that was true she wouldn’t be with Carmelo, so the idea of her giving him another chance then he allegedly betrayed her, on her BIRTHDAY has allegedly taken a toll on her.

According to our source Lala allegedly knows of Sara and has seen her on the scene in Los Angeles! Between the emotions of Carmelo’s baby mom Mia Angel publicly sharing her two cents, and interjecting herself into the drama, and such a sneaky alleged act of betrayal on her birthday Lala is taking all precautions to helping her maintain her sanity. The two share a pre teen son, and both have active careers. Lala is currently on Fifty Cent’s show Power, and plays the popular character Kesha.

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