Are reports that A$AP Rocky is being held in inhumane conditions cap ?

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky is currently detained in Swedish authority custody following an altercation between Rocky and two Swedish men stalking him! He is being held for two weeks while prosecutors decide whether or not to charge him with aggravated assault! The two men where following A$AP Rocky were clearly not in there right state of mind, and were upset over a pair of headphones A$AP Rocky security allegedly broken. The men can be seen in a video following Rocky’s crew, and refused to stop following them despite Rocky’s pleas.

Reports are that the conditions Rocky is currently being detained in are inhumane. TMZ reports that A$AP Rocky is in a cell with an inmate who has “psych issues”, the inmate supposedly bangs his head on concrete all day, there’s feces and vomit on the floor, and he is being served inedible food.

According to a Swedish source of that that’s allegedly false because “Swedish jails are like dorm rooms”. According to our source Swedish jails and prisons are very comfortable, and some inmates even have Xbox gaming consoles in their “cells”!

An inmate in a Swedish open prison
An Inmate In Swedish Prison

Sweden supposedly takes pride in treating prisoners like ” human beings” , and actually have a better prison reform than the United States.

Via The Telegraph:

Designing policies to deal with those who break the law is about making hard choices. Two are fundamental. The first is to decide whether you give priority to custodial or non-custodial sentences in your criminal justice system.

To those who work with criminals, the answer is obvious. The use of imprisonment must always be the very last resort, not your first preferred option. The underlying ambition of every prison service I know is to reduce prison numbers to a minimum.

In Sweden, we have been giving priority to probation and alternative penal sanctions over imprisonment for several decades now. Does it contribute to making our society a safer place? My answer is yes.

Although Swedish laws are very lax they still seem to be strict on A$AP Rocky who was defending himself ,and asked the men to stop following him multiple times. Whether the conditions are prestige or inhumane that man does NOT deserve to be in jail.

Also all Swedish jails may not be the same, and we cant judge one jail that Sweden decides to highlight on television. Our source is very adamant that Sweden takes pride in their prison systems, and treats inmates as human beings. Either way we don’t care because Rocky is being detained for defending himself.

Rocky has received support from the hip-hop community during this difficult time. Tyler The Creator is apparently boycotting Sweden in light of Rocky’s situation, and Schoolboy Q feels the same way, responding to Tyler’s tweet,“I’m not goin nomo eitHer… #FLACKO.”

On Monday, Sweden’s Supreme Court rejected an appeal to have Rocky released from custody, saying they found no reason to review the case.

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