Nipsey Hussle Baby Mom Says He Used To Cut Her Checks & Is Now Broke ! Needs Help Paying Rent! She Also Says She Isn’t The Only One In W/ A Past!

Emani, Nipsey, Chyna

Tanisha Foster also known as Chyna Hussle is in a rough custody battle with Nipsey Hussle‘s family for her 10 year old daughter Emani Dior! As we previously reported after Nipsey Hussle’s tragic death his sister Samantha Smith filled for emergency custody. Since then Nipsey’s older brother Blacc Sam, and father have joined in on the battle, and the judge granted Samantha temporary custody. The custody case is still on going, and since then Emani has been spotted with her Asghedom family.

Tanisha says that she & Nipsey Hussle shared co parenting responsibilities for Emani on a daily basis, and that he took care of both Emani and Tanisha finically.

Tanisha aka Chyna Hussle says his family’ is capping when saying she isn’t capable of caring for Emani. Chyna Hussle also is saying they are ignoring the fact Nipsey provided for her as well! Tanisha claims Nipsey Hussle got her an apartment, paid the rent monthly and provided for her daily livelihood. She’s insinuating she’s been cut off and that’s not what Nipsey would want!

Tanisha Foster says, “If everyone was truly interested in doing what is best for Emani, they would treat me as her mother and not in the manner that they have.

Tanisha also says she isn’t going to take the petty route and “sling mud” , but she isn’t the only one with a checkered past!

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