Back To The Closet: R.Kelly’s Alleged Sex Cult Members Were Kicked Out The Trump Towers! Parents Of The Girls Fear They Will Commit Suicide!

R.Kellys “girlfriends / alleged sex cult members Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary have been given the boot, and told to get the stepping. As we previously reported R.Kelly was apprehended by the federal authorities after ex Kelly staffers handed over 20 underage child porn tapes starring the Age Aint Nothing But A Number singer!

The Blast reports Kelly was walking his dog when they came and got him! We also told you he has been partying it up around Chicago, and allegedly using other people to pay his debts (using his own funds), so the FEDS don’t take his all of his money!

Well after his arrest Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary told by the federal agents that they would have to figure out their living situation because they gotta go go! The doors of the hotel were promptly locked, and the women were denied entry!

Their parents are concerned because they don’t know the girls whereabouts! It has been reported that the women are allegedly so brain washed that they’ve made a pact to kill theirselves if he goes to prison! The parents of Joycelyn Savage ambushed Kelly’s spokesman during an interview outside the jail where Kelly is being held!

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