R.Kelly’s Girlfriends Say They Aren’t Homeless! R.Kelly’s Trump Towers Apartment Is In His Main Girl’s Azriel Clary Name! Is Azriel The Girl Running The Show?+ Reports of 20 Sex Tapes Are FAKE NEWS! Bruh…..

R.Kelly, Azriel Clary , Joycelyn Savage

As we previously reported sites like The Blast and TMZ released news that Robert Kelly’s alleged sex slaves, and live in girlfriends where told by the Federal agents to leave the premises, and find new living arrangements. According to Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage they are sitting pretty in the Trump Towers in Chicago. The two women shared with TMZ (oddly enough since they are the ones who reported this) that the Federal agents have NOT told them they had to leave permanently!

Joycelyn Savage’s parents ambushed R.Kelly’s publicist demanding to know where their daughter was! Joycelyn Savage claims her father indeed knows where she is at, and Azriel Clary seemed quite annoyed with the Savages! Azriel expressed her dismay during the video, and well she did all of the talking…..again! During their Gayle King interview she did all of the talking as well while Joycelyn just nodded her head. Sources say Azriel is the main chick of the relationship, and Kelly values her opinion over the rest of the girls. R.Kelly allegedly has two main girlfriends, and side chicks that all play individual roles in his alleged fantasy world!

The apartment that the three live in allegedly is in Azriel Clary’s name! According to our source he has been moving money around in his friend’s name to avoid Federal authorities seizing his assets! Reports that Kelly is “broke” are allegedly false, and according to our source has been partying it up prior to his arrest!

R.Kelly, and his Cousin

In more serious news Michael Avenatti, the lawyer to Azriel Clary’s family stepped forward to set the record straight on reports that TMZ revealed saying that ex staffers handed over 20 underage sex tapes starring Mr. Age Aint Nothing But A Number were FALSE! The big media platforms are setting a narrative that is very harmful to the actual underage girls who have actually been taken advantage of! It’s to the point where we don’t want to report anything anymore until everything is set in stone!

We may come back with an update to the R.Kelly trial, but if we don’t report on it until her is found Guilty or Not Guilty you know why!

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