Nipsey Hussle’s Business Was Involved In A Gang Investigation Prior To Death! Also Many Supporters Haven’t Received Their Marathon Clothing Orders From Months Ago!

Nipsey Hussle Blacc Sam

Nipsey Hussle store The Marathon Clothing Store, and strip mall were under gang investigation, but according to TMZ Nipsey was not the specific target. Authorities were more interested with the activity surrounding the Nipsey’s businesses! The store rumored to be under jeopardy of being seized by the FEDS, but the validity of those reports are unknown as of now.

Nipsey was supposed to meet with congressmen to discuss gang activity, and how to help lower the murder rate in his hometown neighborhood. The authorities gave Nipsey credit for helping his community, and that they weren’t investigating him.

The Marathon Clothing flagship store as of now is currently closed down, but their online store is open. The Marathon Clothing store team said it’s due to high demand in internet sales, and in order to catch up with the demand. The All Money In store closed back in March, but fans still haven’t received their orders months after they placed them. Sources (including ourself) have yet to receive any communication about to when their orders will ship.

Understandably there is a lot going on with Nipsey Hussle’s team, but why continue to accept orders? Hopefully everything works out for the best for his family and friends. As far as his business team we need our change back cuz bills due!

The marathon still continues ……

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