Lala Anthony Was Spotted W/ Carmelo Anthony At Dinner! Lala Is Still Seeking Legal Options While Melo Still Wants To Work On Things!

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony
Carmelo Anthony and Lala Vasquez Anthony

Lala Vasquez Anthony was spotted with Carmelo Anthony out for dinner. The two recently went through cheating allegations after Melo allegedly was cheating on his wife on her birthday in Paris, France. Carmelo Anthony alleged he was on the yacht with a a family, and that the media was getting things all wrong. was the first to break the story that the model Carmelo Anthony was allegedly chilling on the yacht , Sara Smiri with isn’t allegedly married!

Lala and Carmelo were also at their 12 year old son Kiyan basketball game, but Lala is more focused on coparenting than patching things up! According to the Power star’s representative Lala is currently looking into legal options despite the show of cordial communication. Sources close to Lala say she is currently in therapy, and is dealing with obvious trust issues.

Carmelo allegedly has a beautiful daughter with a woman named Mia Angel that he allegedly cheated on Lala with back 2015! Lala and Melo worked things out, and seemed to be back on track with resolving issues in their marriage.

Lala Anthony just turned 36 this summer, and is ready to move on with life. While on the other hand Carmelo is still in love with he estranged wife, but allegedly wants his cake and her cake and her cake and to eat it too!

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