Trouble In Paradise: BlueFace Broke Up W/ His Sister Wife! Taking Applications For A Replacement Girlfriend!

BlueFace and his three way relationship has turned monogamous….well for now it has. The Thot rapper hit up The Breakfast Club, and said he had to leave his girlfriend number 2! The Bust Down rapper says he and his babymother Candy were in a joint relationship with a women whom he named Lollipop.! answered a fan’s question while on Instagram Live, and her response didn’t sit well with her “Daddy”, and his babymother! Lollipop said she was in the relationship for “blue faces” aka money! The two girls just got matching BlueFace tattoos on their hands two days prior!

Lollipop is feeling like a sucka with that matching hand tatt after getting kicked out the home she shared with the Blue Face family. Many “fans” pointed out how BlueFace’s home lacks furniture, and home decor so Lollipop probably didn’t have to move any belongs out.

Many men wish for this, but it seems like the relationship has caused BlueFace more drama than anything! From his mom and sister fighting in his house while Lollipop hid in the bathroom to his girlfriends fighting his other baby mom this proves to be a mans man sport!

Face also said that he is the best lyricist, the XXL Freshman 2019 class, and some other stuff!

Watch the interview below:

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